A Day in the Life of a Home Buyer

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Having the opportunity to find a new home that suites the whole family may seem like a great idea at first, but then it turns in to a nightmare. I know this only because I was forced to move when my morning drive turned in to one hour (or more if traffic is bad). After only 3 days, I’m already feeling some „house-finding-symptoms“. However, in these 3 days, I have only begun to eliminate choices, instead of finding houses to put into consideration. For that matter, I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of houses, yet only one house have been half-considered. You would think that because our market is so diverse, it would be easy to find „the perfect house“, but it isn’t.

Today there’s modern luxury homes:

These are too expensive for my budget, but exist in my dreams.

Older houses:

These are pretty good, except for the fact that…

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