Beyond site search


by Ofer Alt, CEO

How Celebros is Redefining the World of e-Commerce

    with Conversion Technologies 

In the world of e-commerce, it’s fair to say that all e-retailers share a common goal: To convert browsers into paying customers. While an excellent site search function is key piece of the pie, how a site organizes, catalogs and merchandizes product are crucial ingredients for lowering bounce rates and increasing conversions.

Successful online shops accomplish their conversion goals by making their site easy to search and navigate and by staying relevant with industry trends.

At Celebros, we approach the e-commerce industry from a holistic perspective, with the understanding that no one feature functions in a vacuum.  We provide our customers with an intelligent site search solution, but we know that in order to make that search the best it can be, the site needs good merchandizing information.  Similarly, when analytics are…

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