Celebrating Nauroz In Pakistan

The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser

The spring equinox heralds the beginning of the Persian New Year – a time to celebrate new beginnings. For the Zoroastrian community, the first day of their New Year, Nauroz (celebrated on March 21), is marked by a spirit of optimism and renewal.

Friends and family visit each other during the first 13 days of the New Year. The host/hostess holds up a mirror to their guests, asking them to smile, while sprinkling rose water into the outstretched palm of their right hand; this symbolises prosperity and joy.

Decorations are a big part of Nauroz; the threshold and steps of homes are decorated with elaborate patterns made with chalk powder called rangoli; torans (strings of flowers) are hung above doorways.

The focal point of Nauroz is the ancient Persian tradition of spreading out the haft seen table. This includes a mirror, rose water, fresh flowers, a candle, fresh and…

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