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I was privileged to meet with a gorgeous, dynamic businesswoman yesterday.  She is doing everything right in terms of marketing her brand, and putting an inordinate amount of effort into the marketing of her company.  She is in high profile consumer media (where the rest of us would KILL to be), she has a great website, she’s on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter – you name it….

However, it became clear as we chatted that her approach to her target market was too broad and she was unwittingly using a „spray and pray“ approach in terms of attracting business.  This woman has the most exciting, unique concept that I have come across in a long time.  She is challenged – as entrepreneurs typically are – by having to balance all the hats of being an MD, sales manager, marketing manager, financial manager, manufacturing manager, HR manager and so on.  In addition, she is a devoted mom to two…

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