Nokia quietly establishes U.S. beachhead at T-Mobile Services



Nokia’s Lumia 710, often lost in the shadow of its higher-profile brothers, has actually gained a modest foothold at T-Mobile USA.

While not a blockbuster, the Lumia 710 has gotten decent traction at T-Mobile’s online store. Web sites such as Amazon and Wirefly similarly have the device ranked high among T-Mobile customers.

Its performance marks a promising start to Nokia’s attempt to reenter the U.S. market. And unlike conventional strategy, the Lumia 710 didn’t achieve its success through the best specifications or the latest network connection. Instead, its attractive price tag and bang-for-the-buck value have convinced some consumers to veer off from the usual track of buying anAndroid smartphone.

The device, which initially sold for $49.99, but is now free with a service plan, has also helped T-Mobile steer basic phone customers into upgrading to a smartphone. The carrier is eager to tap into the upgrade market…

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    wow 710 4g

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