Web 2.0 Gives Birth to Politics 2.0

Rome Around the World

In class we recently learned about a new(er) form of politics known as politics 2.0. Politics 2.0 emphasizes the importance social networking tools. This new form of politics is emerging at a very good time. The importance of social media and the influence it has on our society only continues to rise. Nowadays it’s almost uncommon to find a business that does not have a Facebook page and/or Twitter page. Why? Because social media forums allow businesses to interact and receive feedback from their consumers. Because our society thrives on immediacy, interacting through various forms of social media is expected so people can receive and send information as fast as possible. Politicians are no exception to this rule. Just like a growing business, they must also market themselves through social media. For some older generations, the idea of politicians and social media forums mixing is sometimes hard to grasp. To them I say:…

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