A Diesel Ducati? WTF?

Nafterli's Car World

Hold up! WTF? A diesel Ducati?

Has the Ducati sale to Audi gone through and the TDI engine made its way onto two wheels already? You mean all the stuff Chris Harris and his buddies were joking about is coming to pass?

Well, No. Apologies for High Blood Pressure:-p This isn’t diesel with a small D, but Diesel with a capital D – as in the Italian house of denim.

Diesel signed on last year as a sponsor of the Ducati racing team in the MotoGP series, and has now taken the partnership to a new level by giving the Monster 1100EVO a military theme with Diesel’s trademark matte green paint, yellow brake calipers and rear spring, and blacked-out frame, engine covers, exhaust and forks.

The special edition model is, of course, being launched with a range of biker gear including everything from jacket to jeans, all in typical…

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