Spring is here….

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A few days ago I was looking for inspiration for the blog, website and of course my wardrobe…. I’m so so predictable; went straight back to my favourite book of images TOM FORD.

Toying with the idea of banishing the blonde ( we’ve had a mishap with an ash toner whilst I did the unthinkable and visited another Salon on a whim; so the golden locks are proving to be a bit tedious at the moment) I was mesmerised by the beautiful image that i downloaded on the 20th March.

Presented with a thick halo of brown hair in the picture before me, it was beyond tempting. Proving their timing perfect I had a call from the most amazing salon, Ocean Hairdressing.

Owned by the award winning Ian Davies, the ever evolving business is an amazing reflection on his creative talent.

From the 7th April to the 1st of May…

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