How to generate more business from the Golden Group (and what is it?)

colleen barry design

the golden group or sphere of influenceI honestly cannot believe I haven’t done a post solely about the Sphere of Influence before. This is one of the more important elements of sales and marketing. Using your SOI is critical to generating business! It is the audience that has the highest Return on Investment (ROI)!

Let’s face it: Using your SOI = High ROI

What is a Sphere of Influence or Golden Group?

Your Sphere of Influence is an audience comprised of your friends, family, current clients and former clients. It is colleagues (not your competition) in your business or other related businesses. It is the greatest source of your referrals. For the purpose of this post, lets call them the „Golden Group.“ „Sphere of Influence“ is a term that seems sort of vague and unrewarding.

If you are a sales person, you are in the service industry — really, you are in the Relationship Business. You are…

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