How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Cell Phone Bill

Project Thought

I wrote this a few years ago but it is still relevant and something that everybody should be aware of.

With the advent of new wireless providers in Canada such as WIND, Mobilcity, Shaw, Videotron etc; the oligopoly Rogers, TELUS and Bell once had is coming to an end. As a result, companies are slashing their prices to try and get ahead of the competition and now need your money more than ever. This means as a customer, you are in a unique position. Rogers needs YOU to stay as a client and are willing to bend over backwards to do it. Their logic (which is beneficial to us) is that they rather make an extremely small amount of profit off you while the competition receives zero, than make no profit off you while another company grows.

An average cell phone contract is anywhere from 1000-3600 dollars. Over a three-year…

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