„I Hate Money“

little furrow



Gold digger.

Frantic landlord.

Growling stomach.

all have similar necessity

for this grimy buck.




Kick her ass.

Reconcile to.

Feed it cheap crumbs.

possibly the neat answers to these.

will a penny left?


I hate your existence

I hate why you came

I hate why I need

to stroke my pillow goodbye

and smell the sweet scent

of morning pollution.


How many times will I count you less?

How many days will I suffer

Waiting for that paycheck

Which will just swiftly pass by

My skin.



I hate you right now

And I will hate you forever

(or because I lack of you

Right now.

And I miss you.)

For you’ve became

The gravity

That holds the eluded scavengers.


I hate you so much

And never will it change.

But if you’ll think twice

And embrace my passbook

Maybe I’ll…

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