LinkedIn Statistics

Will Rogers

Today LinkedIn, the most popular professional social network, has reached the mark of 100 million members worldwide, according to its own advertising tool. It’s growth rate is increasing: in october 2009 user base was 50 million, in May 2010 jumped to 70 million.

· 56% of users are outside United States. Top countries are: U.S.A., India, U.K and Brazil. Among European countries the most active are: The Netherlands, France and Italy.

· 61% of members are men. Both users between 25-34 and 35-54 years old are 36%, while 18-24 years old are 21%.

· The most represented industries are hi-tech (17%), finance (14%) and manufacturing (10%), while sales (12%), academics (10%), administrative (10%) are the most common job functions.



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