Rock It or Stop It: Beyonce, Raven, Amber Rose

Reina Royale


Beyonce, looking colorful with an multi-printed Boho Chic skirt, bright pink long-sleeved shirt and flats. She gave the fit an alternative twist  with the black hat and the vintage inspired round circle shades.

Stop It!!

Raven, Raven not your best look honey, the scar,f although very spring, looks like a low-key neck brace, and the mis-match pumps a no-go!!

Stop It!!

Amber you’re a stylelista but let’s save dress up for 2 occasions Halloween and the bedroom. Apparently she was in disguise but it didn’t work! Send the assistant next time! Even the kid in the background seems to not want to be associated with Roc-a-Billy Amber.

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