Connecting With Customers

Kurosh Salehi

Connecting With Customers

Customer relationships are a fundamental — but often overlooked — component of marketing. Few companies truly understand their customers, nor do they accurately predict their behavior or consistently influence their decision-making. Even fewer companies understand what „customer-focused“ means and how to achieve it.

Seven factors tend to influence customer behavior and relationships. Although you may be familiar with several of these concepts, considering them all simultaneously may be helpful in creating your customer base.

* Opportunities lie with customers — not with products or services.

* Customers don’t buy products or product features — they buy benefits.

* The only truly sustainable competitive advantage is a superior customer solution.

* Customer value is greater than the sum of quality perceptions and satisfaction.

* It’s more important to listen to your customers than to research them.

* Forget market demand, and focus on customer experiences.

* Success in…

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