Young children on Smart Phones & Facebook?

Revolutionary marketing ideas

We just read Adweek’s article „Datapoints:the kids are online“. As moms, these trends scare us a bit. We are now ready to move in with for minute-to-minute guidance with our children & technology.

„Taking a page from their parents, kids are adopting technology at ever-earlier ages. A survey by Walker Communications for Bonnier’s Parenting Group found that among even the youngest children, nearly half are spending at least a few minutes a day using a smartphone, and nearly one-fifth are using one for up to an hour a day. Boys and girls‘ media use was similar, although one area they differed significantly by gender was in their use of video games, according to a study by children by Common Sense Media: While video games are popular among boys and girls alike, boys are more likely to play video games and almost three times as…

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