3 Delicious Qualities of a Work Positive-Solid Business | PRLog

3 Delicious Qualities of a Work Positive-Solid Business | PRLog.

My grandmother gave me a chocolate bunny every spring when I was a child.  I always looked forward to getting it, but there were some chocolate bunnies I liked better than others.

Some years she gave me a hollow chocolate bunny. Now I really liked the chocolate, but when I bit into it, there was nothing but air.

Other years she gave me a marshmallow-

filled chocolate bunny.  It was great because it had something inside.  But marshmallow does get a little old after a few bites and it’s just not chocolate.

My favorite years were those when my grandmother gave me a solid chocolate bunny.  I knew exactly what to expect with each bite because they were chocolate all the way through. An unbeatable combination!

Do your customers know what to expect from your business?

What about your employees?

Do you know what to expect?

Here are 3 delicious qualities of a Work Positive-solid business you can grow and give today:

Do your customers or clients trust you?

Can they turn their back on you, i.e., trust you to do what you say you’re going to do, the way you said you’d do it?

Do they have to read the fine print, covering their backside with you, for fear of you wiggling out of the agreement?

To create a Work Positive-solid business, one that lives up to its advertising appearances, be trustworthy with your customers. When clients take a bite of your business, they know what to expect, enjoy the taste, and come back for more with their friends.

Your cash flow will hop with delight as you build trusting relationships with your customers and clients in creating a Work Positive-solid business.

If we surveyed your employees, would they say you’re an owner of integrity? Someone who keeps promises? Who backs up talk with walk?

They’re always watching you. They can tell when business is good, and when it’s not. They fill the information vacuum with their worries when you’re not talking and walking the same.

We all want low-maintenance employees; top-talent teams who help us achieve our Work Positive dreams. Attracting and hiring them is one thing. Keeping them is another.

Talk and walk consistently. Keep your promises. Conduct yourself with integrity as you create a Work Positive-solid business. Your employees’ productivity sky-rockets as you do.

Are you honest with yourself?

Even if you know something is false, if you repeat to yourself often enough, you believe it. But what have you really accomplished for your business?

For instance, are you honest enough with yourself to admit to a customer when you make a mistake? Or, do you roll an employee under the bus?

You gain more business when you choose to be honest—“I apologize. I blew it.”—than when you employee-toss.

Your customers will be relieved to know that you are honest and take personal responsibility for your mistakes. Your employees will defend you to the last dollar when you tell the truth.

Be honest with yourself, your clients, and your employees. Tell the truth as you create a Work Positive-solid business. Your bottom line goes supernova positive as you do!

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Dr. Joey Faucette is a speaker, coach, & best-selling author of Work Positive in a Negative World: Redefine Your Reality and Achieve Your Business Dreams who coaches professionals to redefine their reality and achieve their business dreams.

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