Can Social Media Make you Famous?

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One of the biggest draws of social media is the fact that you can publicise your work and get it out to literally millions and millions of people. Self-plugging and representation has become an art form in itself.

Do you know what the second biggest search engine is after Google? It’s not what you might think. In actual fact it’s YouTube. You wouldn’t necessarily associate YouTube with a search engine but its true. Keeping this in mind, you can see why Video’s go ‘Viral’. I hate that word. Viral. What does it even mean? My personal definition is over 100,000 views with over 500 comments in the space of a week, that to me would be viral. Not as some of our clients put it…”can you make me a viral video”. This to us just means that we need to educate people as to the nuances of what terms within…

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