Bookshelf: The First Years of Forever by Ed Wheat

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Being a Conscious Parent

The First Years of Forever is a book to help engaged and married couples work through some common issues that come up in marriage.  Each chapter touches on a different topic from faithfulness, forgiveness, and communicating to a chapter on how to lover your wife and husband.  Each chapter goes into more detail about how to best overcome issues about that particular topic.

I recommend this book for anyone in a relationship.  It holds valuable information on better ways to work towards a loving committed relationship.  It also gives tips and tools for each partner to work on to better different aspects of the relationship.  My suggestion is to read it together and discuss what you read after each chapter.  Really listen to what they have to say, you might be surprised at what they think.

Remember that the foundation of a family starts with a husband and wife who are committed to…

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