Break – notes

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NB: these are my notes on the film, not a review – so you might not want to read them if you’ve not seen it yet.

There really should be a moratorium on films which open with dazed, bloody, injured women staggering through the woods – and this German-made echt-American 70s-style endurance test hateful piece of shit is a prime example of why.  Four young women – Anna (Marina Anna Eich), Clare (Thelma Buabeng), Rose (Esther Maass) and Sarah Carter (Lili Schackert) – all have strong German accents, but are supposed to be American.  They drive into the woods for a weekend of camping so Sarah can get over being dumped by the guy who’s impregnated her.  They run into demented goon Samuel (Ralph Willmann) and his hulking slob sidekick Phil (Sebastian Badenberg), who spend their weekends hunting, torturing, raping, chopping up, disembowelling, posthumously-further-raping and seemingly eating young women who…

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