Extreme Tanning Mama… AKA „Leather Head“ In Hot Water For Taking 5-Year-Old Tanning

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The (Not Always) Happy Homemaker Diary

Tanning. It’s one of those things that millions of us do. Be it in natural sunlight, or under artifitial rays of a Tanning Bed. I personally know of tanners. Mainly of the „fake sun“ kind. But I will give them all this, they sure as hell do NOT look like this um… lady(??).







Meet Patricia Krentcil, an (what I would call) „extreme tanner“ and mother to a five-year-old daughter. And one who has been arrested and charged with Second Degree Child Endangerment. Why?

Because this dummy had (presumably) placed the little girl in to a tanning bed and the daughter had gotten burned. As of now, the child’s father has custody of her, thankfully.

To read more about the case of the Jersey Mom CLICK HERE.

To actually listen to her reason (of insanity) CLICK HERE.

So, according to Mom, the daughter…

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