What are we leaving for others?


So I made this cake for my coworkers today. It was a cake mix-overhaul lemon blueberry pound cake. And it was literally delicious. My approximately one dozen officemates ate 90% of two loaf cakes in 8 hours, so I know it was good.

I packed up the rest and walked out the door toward the metro. I was just debating whether there was enough left to wrap up for a friend finishing finals or if I should leave it for H when a homeless woman called out to me: can you give me some food?

I usually don’t give cash to street beggars because I’m on a budget, but I always offer my leftovers or packed lunch for hungry people. If someone is willing to take half a burrito, or your turkey sandwich, they need all the help they can get.

So, I walked over, opened up my tupperware, and…

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